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A dishwasher saves time and trouble, its cleaning ability better than hand dishwashing, thanks to high water temperatures that a human hand can not tolerate. the water consumption significantly lower than a manual dishwashing. Modern lifestyles and demanding require us to do everything, integrate between work, family, home and cleaning tasks. So, today, more than ever, a dishwasher is a must appliance in every house - Just put the dishes and go, the machine will wash and spark your dishes. Dishwasher previously considered a luxury appliance that saves us the odious task of endless dishwashing. Dishwasher known today as a product that saves money, the machine that uses less water per washing than dishes by hand. When it stop working give us a call here (206) 257-2400 or visit our website

Kitchen space and a fine budget will buy you a good and satisfied a dishwasher. some machines can

combine with the kitchen cabinets, there wide or narrow with different capacities. The basic operating programs exist in every dishwasher and its suitable for most common uses. You can find special programs for every need.

Dishwasher noise: Due to its central location in the house preferably dishwasher should be quiet, so you can also use it at night. Noise intensity is measured in decibels (dB) and the ranges are between 45 to 58 dB. The noise level of 50dB is considered to be quiet, and who is interested particularly quiet dishwasher and willing to pay the price, can also find an appliance with a noise level lower than 40 dB. Is it start making weird noise, call us (206) 257-2400 or visit our website

Dishwasher must able contain dishes comfortably and efficiently and have the right programs and the appropriate temperature. so you get optimal dishes cleaning. Assuming there is no limited space in the kitchen, the average family usually fit a wide dishwasher with a large capacity.

Capacity: capacity dishwasher measured by how many sets of dishes can be contained inside. One dish set includes three plates, cutlery, and glass. The vast majority of the wide dishwasher have a capacity of 12 sets of dishes (there appliance with greater capacity). Narrow appliance generally, has a capacity of 8 sets of dishes. It is important to choose the capacity to fit the size the family, the type of dishes and the frequency of use. As long as it is not a couple or small family, it is advisable to choose a dishwasher with a large capacity. narrow Dishwasher will struggle to accommodate large pots or some pots simultaneously. too small capacity will force you to run the dishwasher greater number of times or leave dishes out. Try us here (206) 257-2400 or visit our website

Operating programs: dishwasher programs designed for different levels of dirt and dishes of various kinds. The number programs vary between dishwashers, but almost all models have at least three basic programs that fit mostly for cleaning. You can find an appliance with 7 or more programs made for specific needs, although usually, 4-3 operating plans will suffice.

Some dishwasher runs two different programs in parallel, one for the top basket and one for the bottom. So for example, if your dinner includes wine glasses on a permanent basis or other fine glasses, you will be able to put the gentle dishes in the upper basket and the regular dishes at the bottom.

There are two basic plans at any dishwasher - regular program and an intensive program. The two designed for different types of dirt and stain of common dishes. The operating time indicated in the description of each program its only an average time. If this parameter is important to you examine each dishwasher individually.

The following are common operating plans:
  • Standard program - daily wash cycle for cleaning normally soiled dishes and lasts 100 minutes. Normal washing temperature is usually maximum 150 degrees to 130 degrees on some models.
  • Intensive program - also called the long program, and the program increased cycle time with heavy washing. Is designed to clean cookware such as pots, pans and soiled in high standard. the maximum temperature between 150 to 160 degrees. Intense washing cycle lasts about 130 minutes. The intensive program at a temperature of 150 degrees defined as a program which designed for high hygienic and cleaning cooking with dry and stubborn dirt. particularly well suited for cleaning baby bottles.

Maximum temperature: the warmer the water the greater the ability of the dishwasher to clean the hard filth. washer common maximum temperatures are 150 and 160 degrees. The temperature of 150 degrees is sufficient for cleaning soiled dishes. The Higher temperature is designed to clean stubborn dirt-streaked and hygienic washing of cookware. If you have good reason to think that some of your dishes require a higher temperature, for example cooking with fats, hard, burnt food and other tenacious leftovers, you will find an appliance with a temperature of 170 degrees more useful. When the temperature increases the power consumption rise. therefore Think carefully whether it is necessary for you. When it broken call us Try us here (206) 257-2400 or visit our website

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